150TP -R
Class 150 Two Piece Body Bolted
High Pressure Resilient seated Bi-directional Knife Gate Valve
Resilient Seated Bi-directional Valve
Model 150TP-R
Flow Direction Bi-directional
Valve Size 2 ? 24 (50 mm ? 600 mm)
Design MSS SP-61, 81, 135, ASME B16.34 , B16.5 class 150lb
Raised face body tapped flange in accordance with ANSI150, JIS10K, DIN PN10 and AS 2129 Table D & E
Pressure Rating 285(275) psi (19.6 bar) CL150
Shutoff Zero Leakage / MSSP-81 and 135
Body CF8, CF8M, CG3M, Duplex Stainless Steel, Special Alloy, NI-RESIST ASTM A439 TYPE-2, CS, WCB
Gate 304,316 and Nickel based Non-Stick Overlay
Seat Resilient Seated(EPDM, NBR, FKM)
Packing *Standard PTFE impregnated syntax is 450째F (230째C)
*High Temperature Square Braided Packing to 1000째 F (540째C) pH Range: 4-10
Actuator Options Hand Wheel, Bevel Gear, Pneumatic Cylinder, Electric Motor Lever, Ratchet and Chain Wheel.
Advantage Easy maintenance & Replaceable seat and Sleeves
Zero Leakage with one-piece perimeter & chest seal
Application Isolation of interconnected slurry pumping lines, Air / Gas tight applications, High-pressure slurry handling, General bi-directional / reverse pressure isolation duties for a wide range of media, Erosive and abrasive applications, Mining and ore processing, Flying Ash Handling, Coal washeries, Vacuum applications.
No. PARTS Materials
1 Body ASTM A351 CF8M/ CF8
3 Seat Sleeves Urethane
4 Gate ASTM A240 SS316/ 304
5 Packing PTFE
6 Packing Gland ASTM A351 CF8M/ CF8
7 Clevis ASTM A351 CF8
8 Stem ASTM A276 SS304
9 Yoke ASTM A240 SS316/ 304
Carbon Steel, ASTM A36, Coated
11 Stem Nut (Sleeves) ASTM B36 Yellow Brass
12 Yoke Pad ASTM A240 SS316/ 304
Carbon Steel ASTM A36
13 Trust Needle Bearing
(6” ? 24”)
Carbon Steel
14 Hand Wheel Ductile Iron, ASTM A536
15 Hand Wheel Nut Zinc Plated Carbon Steel
16 Stopper Nut ASTM A276 SS304
Bolt ASTM A240 SS304
Nut ASTM A240 SS304
Washer ASTM A240 SS304
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